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6 Ounces of delicious handmade honey garlic jam spread. We already have a passion for all things food, and it only made sense to begin infusing our honey with beautiful fruits and fresh herbs. 


We invite you to enjoy our first line of Oahu Honey Jam!


Fresh Raw Hawaiian Honey, Sautéed In House, Minced In House Garlic! 


We highly recommend using this for cooking! A great spread, seasoning or marinade enhancer for steaks, pork, chicken and fish!


This is a savory spread that you can enjoy with toast, crackers and your favorite charcuterie board will only be enhanced. 


Pair this with crackers and our crystalized honey and you're in for a natural and delectable treat.


We have many more unique made in house jams and honey spreads to come and we are so excited to see what you prepare!


Spread over toasts, breads, crackers and more wonderful addition to your charcuterie board!


Wonderful for pairing with toast while enjoying coffees, and teas with our fresh honey.